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Home Anti hemorrhoids Diltigesic Gel by Troikaa
Buying more than $150.00 of medicines like Diltigesic Gel by Troikaa will give FREE Shipping for that order.
  • Buy Generic Diltigesic Gel by Troikaa
  • Buy Generic Diltigesic Diltiazem Gel 30gm Tube

    Brand: Diltigesic Gel by Troikaa Composition: Diltiazem Gel What is Generic
    Rated 4.5/5(70 Votes)
Diltiazem 2% Gel - 30gm Tube - Generic
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    • $12.99 USD
    • buy Diltiazem 2% Gel - 30gm Tube online
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    • $38.99 USD
    • buy Diltiazem 2% Gel - 30gm Tube online
  • More Information About Diltigesic Gel by Troikaa

    Diltigesic gel or generic Diltiazem is an anti-hemorrhoids medication and is highly effective in the treatment of anal fissures. Anal fissures of hemorrhoids are generally painful conditions that also display inflammatory symptoms. Diltigesic gel not only treats such anal fissures but also helps in reducing both the pain as well as the inflammation associated with it. Diltigesic gel is generally available in tubes containing 30mg of this medication. Patients are usually asked to apply Diltigesic gel 2 or 3 times each day on the affected anal region of the body. It is important that this gel is not applied on any other places nor that it be applied in larger amounts of for more number of times than prescribed by the doctor. Hands should be properly cleaned both before as well as after the application of this medication.

    It is essential that all the doctor’s directions regarding Diltigesic gel usage be followed to the ‘T’. If any particular instructions are not understood completely, talk to your doctor and get them explained. Do not discontinue the use of Diltigesic gel suddenly as this may cause some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. The dose of Diltigesic gel should be carefully and gradually reduced so that the conditions do not worsen on its stoppage. Diltigesic gel is only meant for adult use.

    If you suffer from sinus syndrome or have second or third degree AV blocking, you should be sure to inform your doctor of this, unless you are using a ventricular pacemaker. Cardiac conduction issues, congestive heart failure, hepatitic injuries and symptomatic hypotension may be the side effects of Diltigesic gel use and you must be aware of these and also be attentive to their initial symptoms. A doctor will always prescribe Diltigesic gel to you if he has assessed that its benefits far outweigh its risks for you. But, if you are undergoing a Diltigesic gel hemorrhoids treatment, be sure to keep up with your regular doctor’s appointments and not miss any tests and check-ups. If you conceive while on a Diltigesic gel course, tell your doctor immediately; also if you are already pregnant or are breastfeeding an infant.

    Maximum care has been taken to provide accurate information, However please consult your health care professional before starting on a course with this medication for your condition.
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