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Home Beauty & Skin Care Beta Val Cream (Generic)
Buying more than $150.00 of medicines like Beta Val Cream Generic will give FREE Shipping for that order.
  • Buy Generic Beta Val Cream
  • Buy Beta Val Cream Online - Generic Betamethasone Cream in 20gm Tube

    Brand: Beta Val Cream Generic Composition: Betamethasone (bay-ta-METH-a-sone) Valerate What is Generic
    Rated 4.5/5(72 Votes)
Beta Val 0.1% Cream - 20 Gm Tube - Generic
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    • 3
    • Tubes
    • $9.99 USD
    • buy Beta Val 0.1% Cream - 20 Gm Tube online
  • Betamethasone Valerate .10%+Salicylic Acid 3.0% Ointment-20 Gms Tube - Generic
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    • 3
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    • $12.99 USD
    • buy Betamethasone Valerate .10%+Salicylic Acid 3.0% Ointment-20 Gms Tube online
  • More Information About Beta Val Cream Generic

    Beta Val Cream is a very good medication used for the treatment of several skin disorders. It is a topical agent and contains Betamethasone Valerate. It is a type of corticosteroid, which is highly beneficial for reducing the allergic manifestations of the skin. Application of this cream on the parts of the skin having itching, redness and swelling can give fast relief to the patients. This cream restricts the synthesis of chemicals that are responsible for causing inflammatory changes in the skin.

    Thus, it soothes the skin and relieves the inflammation and swelling occurring in several skin disorders. Patients can buy Beta Val Cream for the effective management of eczema and psoriasis. They can also purchase Beta Val Cream for treating rashes on the skin, and dermatitis. It is the most preferred drug of choice for the management of skin allergies. Patients should apply this cream on the affected skin parts in a thin layer. It should be noted that this medication is strictly meant for external use only.

    Also, patients should be aware that the effect of this cream is very strong; hence, application of it on more delicate skin surfaces or inside the skin folds should be avoided. Patients should wash their hands properly before and after applying this cream. Patients should keep in mind that the use of this cream may produce some side effects. It can cause cracking of the skin, acne, dryness of the skin and swelling of the hair follicles.

    Patients may notice an abnormal growth of the hair on the part over which this cream was applied. Thinning of the skin, excessive itching of the skin and discoloration of the skin can also occur after applying Beta Val Cream. When patients order Beta Val Cream, they should keep in mind that this cream should never be applied to the same skin areas on which other topical agents containing corticosteroids have been applied. Drugs like Cyclosporine and Prednisone can interfere with the action of Beta Val Cream causing irritation of the skin, and should never be used along with it.

    Maximum care has been taken to provide accurate information, However please consult your health care professional before starting on a course with this medication for your condition.
    Customer Reviews
    Elisha Morris, Thanks for the 10% discount you gave for Thanksgiving when I got this cream. I tend to get slight rashes on the skin if I eat Turkey :( Sad but I can never resist the one me ma makes and then end up with rashes. This time I could already keep the Beta Vel
    Janka Vavrova, Excellent against my nut allergy skin rashes, I always carry Beta Val Cream now. Buying it here has made it cheap and I can indulge my favorite pastries without worrying about rashes.
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